Celebrating Women in STEM: Foreword from ScotlandIS

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Karen Meechan Scotland Is

As we kick off 'Celebrating Women in STEM' for a fourth year, Karen Meechan CEO of ScotlandIS shares her thoughts on the importance of initiatives such as ours.

"​The importance of encouraging more women to pursue careers in STEM cannot be overstated. As someone who's deeply passionate about this issue, I believe that such initiatives are not just about equality; they are essential for fostering innovation and driving societal progress. Diversity is at the heart of innovation, and STEM careers are no exception. When we have people from different backgrounds and perspectives contributing to these fields, we get a wealth of creative ideas and solutions to complex problems. From addressing global challenges like climate change to ensuring economic growth, STEM fields play a vital role, and women must be a part of this journey.

It's one of the reasons that ScotlandIS created our Digital Critical Friends initiatives, whereby we pair industry practitioners with the person in secondary schools responsible for the teaching of computing science, it is imperative that we put positive role models in front of our young people in order to show them what is available to them, “if you can see it, you can be it.”

Unfortunately, there are still too many barriers and challenges that women face and that is why it is great to see Head Resourcing run their Celebrating Women in STEM campaign for the 4th year. It is essential that we continue to highlight initiatives like this until we make significant headway in reducing the gender imbalance.

Supporting women in STEM careers sends a strong message about gender equity and will help to inspire future generations of girls to dream big. It's about breaking down stereotypes and providing role models for young girls to look up to, helping them understand that STEM careers are within their reach. Campaigns like this one from Head Resourcing allow us to showcase our inspirational role models within the industry and highlight the wealth of opportunity that our sector has to offer for women.

Encouraging women to pursue STEM careers shows that these fields are for everyone, and its high time we break down the barriers and build a future where everyone, regardless of gender, has the opportunity to excel in STEM."

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