Five Top Tips for Landing a Tech Job

about 1 year ago by Gillian Williamson
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​Our Talent Solutions team are experts in matching candidates looking for permanent opportunities with the most suitable and exciting new role. The team collated their 5 top tips to get you started!


Be selective when choosing which recruitment agency you’d like to work with, get to know them and find out what they can offer. The right recruitment agency is here to help you, and its important you work with an agency you trust and one you can build a strong working relationship with. That way - you give yourself the best chance of finding the right role for you.


At Head Resourcing, we pride ourselves on transparency and building meaningful working relationships. When chatting with a recruitment consultant always “help us to help you”. You can do this by keeping the recruiter you’re working with up to date with any changes to your circumstances during the process, this can be anything from other interviews progressing quickly to offers you have received. This means we can help to manage the process and ensure you get the best outcome for you and your future career.


If you want to come up in more Recruiter searches whilst looking for a new role, there are 3 easy and sure-fire ways to do so!

  • Make sure your LinkedIn profile is complete. LinkedIn’s algorithm rewards users with complete profiles.

  • Fill your profile with your key skills. Not only in the skills list, but in your intro, your role descriptions and any recommendations if possible! These skills are what Recruiters put into their Boolean searches to find the perfect candidate matching their role requirements.

  • Most importantly – keep your ‘Open to Work’ setting on and updated with your preferences for role type and location. Recruiters will now look to you first and already be aware of the basic requirements you need for your next role!

4.       KEEP A RECORD

When you are exploring multiple roles, it is helpful to keep a simple spreadsheet of which roles you have applied for, when and who you have spoken to. Some vacancies will be advertised by multiple agencies on different job boards and you may inadvertently end up applying for the same role twice.

Track your interviews and try not to sign up to too many interviews in one week. It can be exhausting attending interviews and you may not bring your best self to them all.


This is a short summary (max 2 mins) all about you!

Open with a very brief introduction - who you are and what you do?

  • Why should they care? Tell them how well you can do either projects or roles.

  • Size and scope of your most recent projects in relation to the new job opportunity.

  • Last but not least, what could you bring to the role to alleviate the company’s challenges?

Its really important for your recruitment consultant to understand your strengths in relation to the role you are interested in. The more they can learn about you, the better they can present you to their hiring client.

If you’d like to chat to the Talent Solutions team please do not hesitate to reach out via mail at

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