One million women missing out

almost 2 years ago by Sarah Prasad
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Ahead of World Menopause Month, we reflect on the latest stats around menopause, where an unbelievable number of women in the UK are either changing or quitting their jobs due to lack of support as they go through the menopause.

​Whilst there is increased knowledge, information and awareness about the impact that the perimenopause and the menopause can have on women’s physical and mental health, in the workplace especially, when it really comes down to it, there is still a reticence to engage in open conversation. Often the fear of being deemed weak, not ‘up to the job’ or overlooked for promotion, are just some of the challenges women face, so the stats we see in this article aren’t really a surprise.

​The latest research (article link below) also shines a light on the impact that the perimenopause and menopause can have on society overall. As dramatic as that may sound, the ripple effects of these hormonal changes, can extend to relationships with partners, children, friends, wider family and colleagues and therefore society as whole. ​

Support for pregnancy is written into the law, children are taught about periods at school, tax on sanitary products in the UK was abolished last year and in Scotland they are free to ‘anyone who needs them’. Yet we seem to have forgotten about support for later in life changes that can take place in the female body. We need more education at school for young people and more awareness and practical support in the workplace to ensure that we’re not curtailing the contribution from talented people and losing them entirely from our organisations.

The article we reference above is available HERE on the HR Director website.

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