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over 3 years ago by Anna Knight
Going Glocal Blog 0920

​Attracting the best talent into an organisation is vital to the long-term success of any business. Whether a startup, mid-tier or large corporate company the challenge of finding the best people for the right cost in the right location has always been critical to generating the best ideas, innovations and culture.

However, it can also become one of the most frustrating challenges if during the recruitment process it simply isn’t possible to find the right person within a reasonable proximity of the role location.

The client might be expanding a dynamic team or developing new tech products that requires a niche skill set, but locally, there just isn’t the right selection of candidates available. The search then opens out to a wider geographical spread, but with that comes challenges around longer commutes, wage expectations and the possibility of relocation costs.

What changes are we seeing?

As a direct result of the global Covid-19 pandemic we are seeing early seismic shifts in attitudes, lifestyles and ways of working. If anything, this pandemic has caused people at all stages of their careers, and on both ends of the hiring spectrum, to re-evaluate their priorities. Both in and out of work.

As a society and business community we are all spending vastly greater amounts of time at home. Some people are relishing the freedom to create, whilst others have additional pressures at home that mean their experience isn’t quite so positive. Equally, those in the early stages of their careers might be missing out on the immersive “learn by observing” experience that comes with being in the workplace. But what we do have is connectivity.

We have the power

If the pandemic had struck a decade ago business might have struggled significantly more than it has. Thanks to technology advancements in connectivity (fibre broadband and the emerging 5G network) we have seen the video conference transform from the preserve of the c-suite boardroom to a portable and low-cost tool that people have on their mobile device or laptop. Our devices are full of apps and tools that can make us feel like we are in the same room as the person we are speaking to and seeing on screen.

A perfect storm

With the convergence of technology and the pandemic a perfect storm timescale is being created. In the markets we are seeing a realisation that a global workforce for a company in Stirling is as real a possibility as it is for a multinational organisation with offices dotted around the globe. What makes it possible is the technology to enable people to work from any location that has a stable internet connection. Local companies can have a global team. The skills and experiences of talented people are accessible, regardless of where they are. This is the Glocal (Global-Local) phenomenon that is emerging out of 2020.

The challenge for businesses looking to harness this opportunity is how to effectively ensure the people part is done right. The technology is there, but it is the human element that will ultimately affect success or failure rates. The wellbeing of remote teams should be the number one priority for a company with a Glocal workforce. How do you keep people engaged? How do people build relationships? As a business do you trust your people when you cannot see them? There is a myriad of wellbeing monitoring, business model changes and technology adoption work to be undertaken. And this will often be happening whilst the DNA and culture of the company is being transformed with a global outlook. However, the benefits of being able to access global talent can bring enormous gains to any business and it might just be something that can carry businesses through the next period with impact.

Let’s talk

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