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about 4 years ago by Anna Knight
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​In light of recent events and likely government plans, there will be some changes to working practices for the foreseeable future.

What it means for us:

Over the last 12 months or so at Head Resourcing, we have been trialling a number of technologies which allow us to work more freely and remotely. Aside from the day-to-day flexibility benefit this gives to our staff, it also allows us to be proactive in times like these.

For us, we will continue to work as normal. With Video Conferencing software, a Virtual Office suite and access to all the usual tools we require we can continue to work collaboratively with everyone internally in the business. Communication can remain our strong point, whether we are working from our desks, beds or in our Hazmat suits sat on a throne of toilet roll.

What it means for you:

As well as being able to work efficiently internally, it also allows us to be reachable to all our candidates and clients. Whatever the situation on your end, we will still be here and will be able to provide an excellent service via email, video conference or on the phone (albeit with Homes Under the Hammer as some dull background noise).

Our aim is to continue as normal. While there will be changes, these will not be detrimental to the service we can provide. Our general message is that we will continue as normal, alongside most of the market.

Future of Remote Working:

The good thing is that most companies on the market are in the same boat. A lot of companies are looking at alternatives and ways to continue without slowdowns or freezes. If anything, the immediate need for remote working may spark companies to look at this as a viable option and introduce it on a wider scale, future-proofing their businesses and staff.

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