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about 5 years ago by Gillian Williamson
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​We asked the latest member of the Manchester team Jennifer Jackson how she has found her first three months since joining Head Resourcing, here’s what she had to say…

What made you choose Head Resourcing?

I was happy with my previous company but wanted more from my career, which prompted me to start looking elsewhere. I needed to join a company which shared my values of honesty; quality over quantity and had the space and flexibility to allow me to grow to where I needed to be. I interviewed with over 20 companies in my search for the perfect match. It was clear from my first conversation with Head Resourcing that they were very honest and valued building long-term relationships with clients and candidates over making a quick buck. I saw that they put a lot of emphasis on treating their staff well, allowing anybody to become involved in important business decisions and providing a clear structure for progression whilst being open to new ideas from anyone within the business. The opportunity to join the newly formed Manchester office, with the support of the overall Group, excited me and the open-mindedness and genuine warmness of the staff I met really appealed to me.

What has your experience been like so far?

In short, everything that it said on the tin. I joined the Manchester office three months ago and from the first day I was immediately welcomed into the fold and felt at home right away. In my second week I was sent to Edinburgh to meet the team up there and receive some training. I was quite nervous as there are a lot more people up in Edinburgh and I thought it would feel like starting a new job for a second time in a fortnight. My experience couldn’t have been better. Prior to going up to Edinburgh plenty of people contacted me to welcome me to the business and I was immediately welcomed in when I arrived at the Edinburgh office.

Beyond my induction period, my manager sat me down to discuss my own personal development plan, which was entirely led by myself, we discussed how they could help me hit those goals at length. I am encouraged to get out into the community and meets clients and candidates and have been supported at various industry relevant events. I have been involved in one of the businesses critical success targets and invited in to meetings which have given me some great insight into how the business is run from a financial standpoint. I have also been invited to join the charity committee where I have been able to get involved in fundraising activities for the year.

My own individual team is incredibly supportive, we are all up to date on what one another is working on. We share ideas and assist each other daily. Nobody has to worry about going on holiday or being away from the office, because we’re a team and take care of everyone’s business.

Would you recommend Head Resourcing to other recruiters?

Absolutely. Every team and department took the time to sit down and get to know me, ensuring that I had everything that I needed. The balance between professional and relaxed is perfect. People are comfortable being themselves and the business is constantly looking at ways that they can improve their staff experience; contribute to the wider community; create the best candidate and client experience; and stay ahead of the game. Whilst Head has managers, seniors, directors etc. it is clear that there is no hierarchy between staff and we genuinely are one team. I can’t wait to see what the future holds!

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