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over 5 years ago by Huw Martin
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​It’s true, I do! It’s taken me a while to realise this given my chequered history with the city but yes I really do.

My first impression of Manchester was one of disdain.

My first trip to the city was to visit my sister who was in University there in 1995. I approached the student flat with my parents to witness some floppy haired student riding past on MY bike (which I’d lent to my sister)! I was in a huff for weeks and the floppy haired student turned out OK as he was my best man many years later.

My early impressions of the city were shaped by afternoons fruitlessly busking in St Ann’s Square, working night shift as a security guard in a derelict school in Moss side and having all our equipment stolen in broad daylight on match day just off Maine Road (you must have seen something….)!

Barring these early impressions, my relationship with the city has clearly changed as we have recently opened our Manchester office! It’s clear that time, investment and a lot of hard work have transformed the city I remember into a thriving metropolis which was recently voted the 35th most liveable city in the world beating London by 13 places.

It’s not to say its not without its challenges but there are so many ways in which the city has transformed and Spinningfields (where our office is based) is one such area. When I lived there the city was on the cusp of its transformation and now its unrecognisable.

We chose to open our office in Spinningfields for a few reasons. It has so many other businesses within a small square radius that it makes sense from a business perspective but wider than this it’s an area that offers our staff a desirable place to work in a modern city with everything you would need at your doorstep.

It’s close to the train station for transport links to everywhere, it’s in the heart of the city for meeting candidates & clients alike and then also offers all the amenities like gyms, restaurants and bars which ensures a great work life balance which we strive to encourage at Head Resourcing.

All in all our move to Manchester has been fantastic so far but we’ve still lots to do. Our plan is to grow our England operations from the Manchester hub and to do this we need the best employees who want to join our business.

We believe that to grow our business we need to grow and develop our people and that means identifying the right people to join us and to continually train and develop our people to offer the best possible job opportunities and we’re in it for the long haul.

Our Director Jon Musgrave is leading the way in growing our fantastic Manchester team and is always keen to speak to talented potential employees who have a desire to work in a recruitment company that does things differently and cares about its clients, candidates & employees equally. Feel free to contact us at jmusgrave@headresourcing.com or myself Huw; hmartin@headresourcing.com

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