Customer Service is Key

almost 7 years ago by Kimberly Bale
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​For the past 2.5 years, I have worked as part of the vetting team at Head Resourcing. Many of you may already know me from undertaking pre-engagement screening checks, sending out communications around extensions, or possibly re-vetting checks.  My favourite part of the vetting role has always been meeting with our contractors, getting to know them, and making sure they’ve had a positive experience during the vetting process.  I’ve enjoyed being a point of contact to help contractors with many different needs such as IR35 questions, renewing insurance or even changing companies. In doing this, I’ve gained great knowledge and experience to help guide our contractors.

Whether you’re a long-time Head Resourcing contractor, or you’ve only recently engaged with us and started applying for roles, chances are you’ve already noticed that customer care and the relationships we build are key to the way we do business.  It’s because of this we feel it’s important to have an individual in place whose role is to be the first port of call for all contractor needs and provide excellent customer care to our contractor population across the UK, ensuring everyone has an additional consistent point of contact throughout their contract. It’s because of my passion for exceptional customer service and creating a positive experience for contractors that I’ve decided to move roles within our business and take on this role of Consultant, Contractor Management. This is NOT a sales role…I don’t have targets and deadlines to meet, I’m there for the good of our contractor population and to ensure that both our contractors & our clients have a positive experience whilst working with Head Resourcing.

As it’s much easier to build a relationship and share honest feedback face to face, I’ll be out and about throughout the country meeting with as many of our contractors as possible.  I’ll also be available by phone & email and for ad-hoc visits to discuss any needs, concerns or just for a catch up.  I’m also really keen to hear directly from our contractors on exactly what you’d like from Head Resourcing so if you’re free for a coffee, let me know!

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