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about 7 years ago by Sam Fergusson
Contractor Bash Apr 17 Blog

​Recruitment types are often derided for being all about SALES and not caring about anything else.  There is still a perception out there we work in some “Wolf of Wall Street” style 1980′s horrific environment where it’s about billings and nothing else. I honestly think in our company that couldn’t be further from the truth.

We’ve mentioned before our desire to create a brilliant business, it just so happens that it’s a recruitment business. We’ve spoken previously about having core values that underpin everything we do and also it’s how we do things as opposed to what we do that hopefully (and seems to be the case) separates us from a lot of the others in the marketplace.

There are many ways this is demonstrated in our company however last Thursday was our annual Edinburgh Contractor Bash.

Our contractor events are one small way of saying thank you to our contractors who work across the UK on various projects in various different companies.  One thing that is regularly levelled at agencies is that they are only in contact when they need something and contractors placed by a lot of other companies, over the years, regularly used to complain of never meeting their agency!

We have always been extremely focused on the needs of our contractors.  They are the lifeblood of our contracts business and without doubt one of the reasons we’ve grown so much as a company over the last 15 years. It started with a “gallery of rogues” – an affectionate name of our first 10 contractors Polaroid pics on a board (the logic was that all our bosses at the time could see who worked for us and made us money if ever they were visiting a client and could say hello)!

It has progressed to a contractor support function with a dedicated consultant whose job is to go around the UK visiting our contractors whilst on assignment and to make sure they are happy, enjoying their work, committed to the project and to mitigate any risks that may exist.

Our contractor bash, as you can see, was well attended, allowing people to let their hair down and chat with their consultants or support staff who deal with them and given our business is all about relationships, it’s just a nice way to say thanks!

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