Success and Celebration at the Scottish Golf Awards

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​As a guest of Dalmahoy I had the pleasure of attending the The Scottish Golf Awards which took place at the Edinburgh Corn Exchange on Friday night. Organised by Scottish Golf, the Awards recognise the achievements of the game’s leading Tour professionals and top amateurs, as well as the work done by PGA coaches and grass root heroes through the Volunteer and Club of the Year categories.

It was a great evening celebrating a number of amazing achievements and was hosted by BBC broadcaster and Deacon Blue drummer Dougie Vipond and leading sports broadcaster and golf enthusiast Alison Walker. It was clear to see that throughout the evening there was so much passion and love for golf. Whether it be a player, a coach, a professional, an amateur or a volunteer there is one thing for sure and that is, these people live and breathe golf.

One thing which was apparent was the support and encouragement given to youngsters, from a very early age, to encourage them to get into the sport and continue with it. Golf can help boost children’s health and confidence as well as teaching them personal skills that will last a lifetime. It’s a game the whole family can enjoy together.

Golf helps develop skills beyond simply hitting a ball into the hole. These skills include leadership, sportsmanship, working with and respecting others, listening and commitment. By having someone that the younger generation can aspire to is also very important and there are so many professionals and amateurs who are at the top of their game who can aspire children to follow their passions and hopefully follow in their footsteps.

This links in with a blog written by my colleague Robin Chambers. With a passion for Golf and IT he talks about the importance of children having someone to look up to in the sport and aspire to be like. This also applies to other industries and sectors such as IT. Read here for further insight from Robin – Golf is like IT!

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