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​If you are part of a fast-paced industry where things are constantly changing, there is a certain amount of pressure to stay ahead of the curve. It isn’t always easy to take time out from your working day to attend seminars and training courses so we’ve short-listed some of the best reads for tech news and industry trends.  Close down that cat video and use the next hour to swat up, you never know, you might learn something new to impress your boss and colleagues at the next Monday morning meeting!


If you’re a designer, developer or graphic designer and you are looking for examples of really good work then this site offers just that. Awwwards is a showcase for of some the world’s most talented digital creatives and their mission statement says  – We aim to create a meeting point where web professionals from across the world can come to find inspiration; a space for debate; a place to share knowledge and experience; give and receive constructive and respectful critiques.

CSS Tricks

A blog started by Chris Coyer who is better known for CodePen, CSS tricks is packed full of handy tips for HTML, JavaScript, j Query, PHP and WordPress developers looking to up their skills and efficiency.  There’s plenty of video content, and jobs board although vacancies are mainly in the U.S and newsletter sign-up offering you a digest of their best content straight to your inbox.


If you manage not to be distracted by the Reality TV and Showbiz sections of this site, there are some great bite sized articles featuring news about industry leaders and the most shared content across social media not to mention some geekier bits about products and gadgets that are new to market.

A List Apart

Described as a blog for ‘People Who Make Websites’ the focus is firmly on best practice and raising the industry standard. There are articles from contributing web professionals which makes for an unbiased view of what works and what doesn’t. Add A List Apart to your favourites for regular articles on how to do things well when it comes to code, content and design.


An oldie but a goodie, Mashable started out as a tech publication and grew into something a little further removed. However, the tech section of is still worth a read with for all the latest news about tech giants and their innovations.


This blog was started by a freelance web designer as a personal page to share his work and it has grown into a go-to resource for tutorials, time-saving tips and industry news. You’ll also find design inspiration and case studies. The categories section of the site splits it into work areas, making it easy to navigate to the content most relevant to your job.


Wired is slightly more general interest but features lots of design and gadget or gear news to tempt you with the latest kit as well as updates from all the tech giants on their latest innovations.

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