over 8 years ago by Anna Knight

​So, as a lot of us will have been, the tail end of 2015 has been spent thinking and planning for the year/years ahead.

We do it every year, no changes there, but this year for some reason I am absolutely focused on our need to evolve, develop, grow… call it what you will, but in essence to move forward with purpose. I am so lucky in my job that I get insight into some incredible businesses – inspiring individuals and companies that are built on ideas and solutions that can enhance our lives or work in some way. Whether that be an app, mobile payments service, devices talking to other devices (still getting my head around this one), or other new products and services.

The one thing that these companies – and the very best established business – have in common is that they evolve and continue to adapt to offer new and improved solutions and products to the market, in an effort to keep up with consumer trends and demand. And most importantly, to put things out there that no one is even aware that they need yet. As Henry Ford is alleged to have once said, “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”

A crystal ball would be handy under these circumstances, but unfortunately as a successfully working version hasn’t been invented yet, and since the untimely demise of Paul the Octopus, it’s up to us to come up with those ideas and to innovate. Whether we work in a service industry such as recruitment, technology or manufacturing, we need to be constantly thinking of how we can be better.

So that’s me for the foreseeable. In between managing our permanent business, recruiting for senior hires, and my family, this year I will mostly be coming up with ideas. Most of them are possibly going to be daft or unworkable, but just one of them might be the key to how we can adapt and grow as a business… you never know.

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