What makes a modern recruiter?

almost 9 years ago by Gillian Williamson
Gs Modern Recruiter   Copy

​We tend not to talk that much about recruitment on the Head Resourcing blog, but from time to time we like to touch on pertinent recruitment-focused subjects, from where the industry is going to how our values shape our decisions.

When it comes to recruiters, we believe that attitude and aptitude are the foundations upon which greatness can be built. There are some skills that you can’t teach, but combine them with those that you can and you’re on the right path.

Last year we teamed up with global recruitment industry leader Greg Savage to produce an infographic on the five things recruiters need to survive in the future, and we were delighted when Greg approached us to create another one on the DNA of a modern recruiter, on the back of his latest speaking tour of Australia and New Zealand.

Take a look at the graphic here – and head over to The Savage Truth blog for Greg’s full rundown of a great modern recruiter’s four key attributes.

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