2015: A Content Odyssey

over 9 years ago by Huw Martin

​I’ve written a few blog posts now and whilst I’d say I’m still very much in the ‘luddite stage’, I’m keen to help contribute to our posts on careers, networking and the recruitment industry, but also talk about some of the things that we are doing as a company that hopefully separates us from some of the others.

I’m sometimes asked by the team here the reasons for us spending so much time and effort on our blog, white papers, and writing a book, but the answer is really simple:

I want us as a company to engage in different conversations with different people and help companies and individuals deal with some of the challenges they face in business where our collective minds, experience and services may be able to help.

So whether it be helping judge a hackathon a few weeks ago; hosting a panel of CIOs discussing the challenges of the IT skills shortages we face; or being involved in StartEDIN (a collective of companies looking to help promote Edinburgh as a location for people to come and work and set up companies), its important that we as a company get involved in as many initiatives as we can within our market so that we can advise and consult based on knowledge and genuine insight.

The key to this whole thing is that we talk about it, and the content we create and share with the world will reflect the good things we’re doing.  Its not always going to be literary perfection, its probably not going to be interesting to some and may seem trivial to others, but what we say and the way we say is important to us.  Already we’ve seen a noticable increase in business come to us as a result of some of the work we’ve done so far, with the vast majority written by the excellent Scott Torrance from Flux Insights and our very own Ross Coverdale.

2015 for us is going to be a fascinating year. We have big plans as a company with some exciting developments in the offing.  A big focus on content marketing and business innovation are key and a number of team-led initiatives are being developed in the background which hopefully will help demonstrate that we are trying to do things differently in the constantly evolving recruitment landscape.

We’ll be giving more info on this journey during the course of the next few months – watch this space!

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