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IR35 Advice and Consultancy Services

IR35 Advice and Consultancy Services

From 6th April 2021 the Intermediaries Legislation, commonly known as IR35, will come into force for the private sector. This affects workers who are not employed but are often contractors who provide their services through an intermediary, such as a Personal Service Company (PSC).

Already in force for the public sector, this is essentially tax avoidance legislation which aims to identify workers who, were it not for the presence of the intermediary, would be classed as employed; therefore, taxes and employment costs should be paid similar to an employee.

The onus is on the engager (“employer”) to determine the status of workers and confirm whether they are in or out of IR35.

There is a lot to get ready ahead of the implementation date. We have put together a preparation guide to help you get started. We also offer IR35 advice and consultancy services, helping both our clients and contractors to prepare for legislative changes. These services include audits of contractor populations, designing and implementation of assessment processes and facilitated workshop. We have been supporting many contractors and clients navigate the IR35 changes.​

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Value Added Services

In addition to our IR35 advice and consultancy services, we also provide a range of other services to our clients, including:

    • Market insight reports  

    • Contractor rate card review  

    • Skills gap mapping specific to our clients' requirements  

    • Strategic workforce planning  

    • Contract related regulatory advice 

    • Data to support client’s regulatory reporting 

Above all, we’re here to help. 

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