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James Dove

Resource Consultant

Having moved straight into this role after graduating with an arts degree, I’ve been fortunate to join a team with so much experience. With so much knowledge on-hand it’s the ideal environment to learn. I’ve been enjoying my experience of interacting with candidates and colleagues alike. It is a busy but varied job and I’m looking forward to the years ahead.

Loves: Blue shirts, being outdoors, drinking tea, collecting records.

Hates: Inequality, narrow-mindedness and sweet potatoes.

Favourite word: ‘Forest’

Favourite Song: Brand New Start – Paul Weller

Happiest Memory: Getting engaged to my partner.

James Dove

Layla Abdulrahman

Consultant - Permanent Division

I am in the permanent team at Head as an Associate Consultant which I thoroughly enjoy – every day is different and I enjoy building long-lasting relationships with both clients and candidates. I have been here since July 2013 and I look forward to continuing my success and developing my career in recruitment.

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Loves: French Martinis and Sunshine

Hates: Tardiness

Favourite word: Chocolate!

Favourite song: ‘Drops of Jupiter’ by Train.

Happiest memory: Going to Australia to start my travels and then equally coming back to see all my family and friends I had missed so much.


Layla Abdulrahman

Jilly Anderson

Deputy Manager - Contracts Division

I joined Head Resourcing as a resourcer before joining the Contracts Team in 2009 and becoming Senior Consultant.  I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some of our biggest clients and have enjoyed building relationships, meeting people & being able to help. I love how much our team care about each other and about what we do – joining Head has been the best decision I’ve ever made.


Loves: holidays, crème brulee, family, friends, spending money, the E! channel, men with good manners.

Hates: getting up in the morning, cheap shoes, marzipan, bad grammar.

Favourite word: plum

Favourite song: The Calling – Wherever You Will Go/ Amy Winehouse – will you still love me tomorrow

Happiest memory: sitting on the beach in Monterey– beautiful, warm, peaceful, very happy.

Jilly Anderson

Paul Atkinson


It’s a great pleasure to work with the talented team at Head. My role is to work with the leadership team (Head honchos), provide support and make sure they have the tools and resources to grow a highly successful business as well as a great place to work. My day job however, is as a Partner in a venture capital firm, Par Equity, which invests financial and intellectual capital into young companies and helping them to become successful, international, businesses.

Loves: Family, ideas, opportunity, truth, people who get things done

Hates: Arrogance, narrow mindedness, deception

Favourite word: Vacation

Favourite song: Comfortably Numb – Pink Floyd

Happiest memory: Watching my children grow up, among many other happy times

Paul Atkinson

Caroline Barclay

Office Administrator

I joined Head Resourcing recently as an administrator after taking a few years out to look after my young family.  It’s a really nice place to work and all the staff are really lovely and care a great deal about what they do.

Loves: My family and my lovely dog Honey.

Hates: Rude people who don’t say please and thank you

Favourite word: Sausage

Favourite song: Fairytale of New York by the Pogues

Happiest memory: All my family Christmases and holidays, I can’t really choose one favourite memory I have so many good ones.


Caroline Barclay

Adrian Bednarz

Consultant - Permanent Division

I joined Head Resourcing in December 2015, right in time for Christmas. I began my journey with recruitment back in Poland where I worked within the construction industry. What I love about recruitment is that every day presents new challenges, and I get a real sense of satisfaction in helping others find their career path.

Loves: Snowboarding and holidays (there’s never enough of them)

Hates: Boredom

Favourite word: Aye

Favourite song: The Brand New Heavies – “Have a good time”

Happiest memory: Skiing trip to Czech Republic with my father, when I was 10-11. Beautiful weather, knee-deep snow, ventures off-piste some very basic ski acrobatics – I still smile when I think about it.


Adrian Bednarz

Eyrun Bernhardsdottir

Consultant – Contracts Division

Before I joined Head Resourcing, I worked in recruitment and business development within the public sector in London. I’ve now relocated to Edinburgh and am thrilled to be able to continue providing excellent customer service and care while working in the fast-paced environment of the Contracts team!


Loves: Films, pizza, football and lager.

Hates: Mushrooms, anything pickled and having to wait for people.

Favourite word: Sausage

Favourite song: Such great heights – Postal Service

Happiest memory: Holiday in New York in 2013 to see Wrestlemania and enjoy the great city.


Eyrun Bernhardsdottir

Calvin Blyth

Consultant - Permanent Division

I started with Head Resourcing in March 2017 as an Associate Consultant. My background is in Fintech recruitment and I moved to join Head because of the excellent standards and reputation they have with both clients and candidates. I work with a great bunch of people at Head Resourcing, and so far I love being part of the team.


Loves: Rugby, Family, Paris, Holidays in the Sun, Music/Festivals

Hates: People who constantly complain, bad manners

Favourite Song: Guns ‘n’ Roses- Night Train

Word: Razzle-Dazzle

Memory: Spending Christmas in Paris


Calvin Blyth

Graeme Cox

Senior Consultant - Contracts Division

Joined Head Resourcing in 2006 and have progressed up through from Resourcer, Consultant to now Senior Consultant. Enjoy helping Clients/Candidates as that’s why we’re here right?


Loves: A little bit of banter, Dumb N Dumber, Vegas!

Hates: Cucumber and Seafood

Favourite word: It has to be “Boom”

Favourite song: Tough one – probably Elbow – One Day Like This

Happiest memory: The night I can’t remember :-)


Graeme Cox

Douglas Darby

Recruitment Consultant – Contracts Division

Recently joined the ever busy contracts team at Head after working for a different recruitment company for a year in a new business role. I am a people person and enjoy the interactive side of recruitment. This coupled with the way in which Head work and their values was the reason I felt this was the company I wish to continue my career with.

Loves: Football (watching and playing), Dogs, Food, Food and more Food, My Bed, Nights Out,

Hates: Mornings, Miserable People, Olives, Coffee

Favourite word: Pamphlet

Favourite song: Don’t have a favourite but very partial to a bit of Jay Z.

Happiest memory: My 4 summers working abroad split across Spain and the USA. One big blurred happy memory!


Douglas Darby

Lisa Dempsey

Senior Consultant - Contracts Division

Along with my colleague Arlene, I manage some of our key corporate client relationships.  I’m responsible for sourcing potential candidates, account management, attending annual client reviews and everything in between! I have been with the team since 2009 and have gained extensive valuable experience and knowledge in recruiting for Business Change and IT contract roles.

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Loves: Family, Friends and my dogs, music and travelling.

Hates: Dishonesty, shellfish and being cold

Favourite word: Bulb

Favourite song: Everything, Michael Buble or anything Michael Jackson

Happiest memory: Lying on a deserted beautiful beach in Koh Samui with my fiancé, with nothing to hear but the sound of waves crashing on the sand


Lisa Dempsey

Leigh Dickson

Consultant - Contracts Division

I work in the contracts team here at Head, sitting in a team of 12 my role is to speak with both candidate and client contacts across all the clients that we currently service.  Mainly I work with some of our key corporate customers supplying all levels of skills and experience.

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Loves: Family, Noel Gallagher, and would love love love to sleep past 6am.

Hates: hangovers

Favourite word: ‘bobble’ and ‘basically’

Favourite song: You’re a Superstar – Love Inc

Happiest memory: Birth of my Son Dale.

Leigh Dickson

Tori Dougall

IT & Quality Manager

I look after all things tech & make sure we’re ISO 9001 compliant in all we do. Originally from Northern Ireland, but been living in & loving Edinburgh since 2002. Joined Head in 2007 to do IT Support & now well & truly one of the family here.

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Loves: A good cuppa tea & my homemade carrot cake, Saturday nights, nail polish.

Hates: Mice & when people misuse apostrophes

Favourite word: Fab

Favourite song: The Killers – Mr Brightside

Happiest memory: My wedding day & having the people that mean the most to me all there to celebrate too!

Tori Dougall

Emily Downing

Contractor Support Manager

Moved from the USA to Scotland at the end of August 2015. Having 6 years’ experience in the recruitment industry, I joined Head Resourcing as the Contractor Support Manager in July 2016.  I’m very excited to be working with such a great company and a fantastic team who’ve already made me feel right at home. The team is responsible for initial pre-engagement screening, contracts, and post-placement support and part of my role is to provide any kind of support needed to help the team succeed and help each team member grow in their career.


Loves: family/friends, ice-cold beer, music, sunshine, and holidays

Hate: Spiders, olives, disrespect, being late, laziness

Favourite Word: Wee – Scottish word for small (being from America, it’s a fun new word)

Favourite Song: anything Country is at the top of my list

Happiest Memory: So many amazing memories come to mind but receiving my Visa to move to Scotland to be with my love after doing distance for 1.5 years always puts a smile on my face.


Emily Downing

Martin Ewart


I’m proud to be part of the Head team. My role is to ensure we deliver promises to our clients, shareholders and colleagues. I do that by supporting the team to ensure we have clear direction, a great strategy, and are growing the capabilities of the business. My passion is in delivering results, building effective partnerships and seeing people develop in their roles.

Loves: Family, Music, the outdoors, football, alignment, collaboration, great outcomes, and Lambretta Scooters

Hates: Racism, divisiveness, not keeping promises, (often) football

Favourite word: Not a word, but the sound of laughter

Favourite song: Changes all the time, but one that is always in my top 3 is “A Change Is Gonna Come” by Sam Cooke

Happiest memory: Family Christmas days… many of them…


Martin Ewart

Kevin Feely

Senior Consultant - Permanent Division

I have worked in IT Recruitment since July 1998, although that likely makes me a dinosaur in the age of millennials it also means I have a candidate and client network that has been growing since I came back to Scotland in 2001.  I work as a Senior Consultant on the permanent team, delivering talent to clients across Scotland.

Loves – Football, my family, being an Uncle four times over, and a good night out with healthy debate about utter nonsense.

Hates – People stopping unexpectedly, the Edinburgh Festival a very trying time indeed.

Favourite word – “EH!”.  Ever since I moved to Edinburgh this word entered my vocabulary!

Favourite Song – Too many to choose! “Can’t always get what you want” by Rolling Stones, “Stairway to Heaven” by Led Zeppelin.

Happiest Memory – Holidays as a kid where everything was amazing and exciting!


Kevin Feely

Eve Fraser

Principal Consultant - Permanent Division

I have worked within IT Recruitment in Scotland since 2001.  It’s a career that I love as I get to meet with so many great people and have managed to maintain a long-lasting network with a number of key players in Scotland. What is great about this role is that every day is so different from the one before.

Joining Head Resourcing has certainly been a very positive move for me as all my colleagues are such an inspiring bunch of good people, working together to achieve our goals.

Loves: Hanging out with friends and family

Hates: Arrogance, lack of humility (hate is a touch strong for me though!)

Favourite word: Conciliatory

Favourite Song: Caledonia

Happiest Memory: Childhood weekends living in the UAE


Eve Fraser

Deborah Garner

Financial Accountant

I joined Head in May 2014 working as part of the finance team. My role is to liaise with customers and contractors, process supplier invoices and help set up new contractors into our system.  I’m really enjoying my role, working alongside lovely people and gaining a range of new skills.

Loves:  Music, Night-time and Cake.  Yummy food, cocktails and of course Shoes!

Hates: Feet

Favourite word: Boogie

Favourite song: Not sure on favourite (there are so many) but a good go to song is Telegraph Road – Dire Straits.

Happiest memory: Travelling around Europe on trains.


Deborah Garner

Jenna Hamilton

Finance Manager

My team is responsible for the production and distribution of monthly management accounts together with processing invoices, paying contractors & suppliers. As part of this we analyse costs and help with budgets and forecasting. I’ve been part of the Head family since 2009 and hope to be here for many years to come.


Loves: Sport, BBQs, Chocolate

Hates: Rain, Waiting, Bad Spelling

Favourite word: Wheesht

Favourite song: Chris Isaak – Wicked Game

Happiest memory: The birth of my beautiful son


Jenna Hamilton

Adam Hill

Senior Consultant - Manchester

A Senior Consultant working out of our Manchester office, I’m here to grow and diversify the base of clients we help, building upon our reputation as a recruitment partner who cares.

Loves: Motorcycles, Cars, Speedboats – Anything with an engine!

Hates: Miserable weather and miserable people

Favourite Word: Spatula

Favourite Song: Nickajack by Hunter & The Bear

Happiest Memory: A road trip across Ireland


Adam Hill

Asia Hunt

Consultant – Contracts Division

While working in previous roles I have developed a great passion and understanding of excellent customer service and how vital it is to the success of a business. I am delighted to be part of Head Resourcing where everyone truly cares about clients, candidates and each other.

Loves: Good laugh with my family and friends, sunshine, popcorn and Negroni cocktail :)

Hates: dishonest/two faced people, aniseed, mosquitoes, fear hangovers and people close to my heart feeling sad when I can’t help

Favourite word: Wee

Favourite Song: George Benson – give me the night, Groove Armada – My Friend

Happiest memory: Two instantly come to my head: Camping wild on the beach in Arisaig with my husband Chris and doggy Bruno. Sunny holidays with my girlfriends floating on airbeds on the waves.


Asia Hunt

Katie Jankovic

Assistant Accountant

I work closely with other members of the finance team on a range of tasks including processing supplier invoices, invoicing of permanent placements and liaising with contractors and customers.


Loves: Summer, dancing, weddings

Hates: Scary films, meanness

Favourite word: Serendipity

Favourite song: The Cranberries “Linger”

Happiest memory: The birth of my son (cheesy but true)

Katie Jankovic

Anna Knight

Head of Permanent and Senior Appointments

I have been with Head Resourcing for over 8 years now, although it doesn’t seem that long. I love the variety in my role – speaking with candidates, clients, providing solutions, advising on career moves, speaking at events, coming up with better ways of doing things… every day is an adventure!

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Loves: My children (Libby, Charlotte and Sam), husband Sandy, kitty-cat Paddington, and cheese.
Hates: Raisins, injustice and dithering
Favourite word: Yes
Favourite song: Changes all the time! LA Woman by The Doors is always up there though.
Happiest memory: Most of my memories involve wine, so I’m not sure I remember… ask me another question!

Anna Knight

Scott Litherland

IT Support Analyst

I joined Head Resourcing in August 2016 as an IT Support Analyst. It’s my job to take care of all the tech in the organisation and to deal with the day to day IT issues.


Loves: Chinese food, rum and gadgets

Hates: Slow internet, traffic and coconuts

Favourite word: Pineapples

Favourite song: Hotel California – The Eagles

Happiest memory: Being in the middle of nowhere with nothing but a tent, a chair and a fire


Scott Litherland

Callum Lyle

Finance Director

As Finance Director I need to ensure that more money comes into the company than goes out. I spend time negotiating contracts, liaising with our bankers, auditors and lawyers. The most enjoyable part of the job is interacting with colleagues, clients, contactors and candidates.


Loves: Watching and playing sport, friends and family, beetroot, cheese and chips

Hates: Inability to play golf, musical instruments and to learn a foreign language

Favourite word: Squeeze

Favourite song: Money, money, money

Happiest memory: Going skiing with the family

Callum Lyle

Kieran Mackie

Resource Consultant - Contracts Division

Coming from a technical IT  background followed by a fast paced recruitment, I have worked in both London and Edinburgh across internal and various agency roles. For me, it has been utterly refreshing to be part of the contracts team at Head Resourcing. I can focus on what I’m really passionate about; candidate care, client service and IT. I am very excited to help our candidates in finding their next big challenge!

Loves: Spending time with family, watching football (I can’t play), snooker and everything fishing

Hates: Negativity

Favourite word: Pump

Favourite song: Save the last dance – The Drifters

Happiest memory: Fishing holidays in Canada with the family


Kieran Mackie

Roya Manouchehri

Operational Effectiveness and Quality Manager

Mainly responsible for the weekly and monthly preparation and submission of client and company MI, whilst providing continual support to the business.  My role ranges from looking at processes within the company, meeting contractors and looking at lots of spreadsheets!


Loves: Travelling, good food, happy people!

Hates: Dishonest people, football (unless it’s the world cup!)

Favourite word: Chubchub

Favourite song: All these things that I have done by the Killers

Happiest memory: Going to the cinema with my big brothers every Fri night when I was young & playing with baby monkeys in Costa Rica in 2011

Roya Manouchehri

Huw Martin

Managing Director

I am the Managing Director of Head Resourcing. My role is to grow the business, provide a great place to work for our staff, continually develop our employees and ensure that we always strive to provide excellent customer service to clients & candidates and never promise things we can’t deliver.

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Loves: Singing, Rugby & driving anything with an engine

Hates: Mushrooms

Favourite word: Ratatouille

Favourite song: The Strange Museum – Paul Weller

Happiest memory: Watching Wales play at the Millennium Stadium for the first time! (They lost by 30+ points to the all blacks)


Huw Martin

Stefan McGee

IT Support Analyst

My love for IT started at a young age. I would disassemble and rebuild the family Computer at the age of 8, which later turned to tearing down my Xbox 360 and modifying it at 12. Prior to joining Head Resourcing, I worked in an IT repair shop, mostly doing hardware repairs; laptops, desktops, gaming PCs and mobile phones.

I joined Head Resourcing in September 2017 as the youngest person in the company at the age of 18. It is my job to handle the day to day IT issues and to maintain all the tech in the organisation as part of our IT Support Team

Loves: Long lies, Tattoos, RAP/Hip-hop music, “The Walking Dead”, “Rick and Morty”, and the sesh.

Hates: Politics, narrow-mindedness, dishonesty and most sauces.

Favourite word: “Ehh!”

Favourite song: NF – “Dreams

Happiest memory: Making flying pigs out of Lego pieces with my best friend while in PlayGroup (2-3 years old)… A simpler time :(


Stefan McGee

Ruaridh Miller

Associate Consultant - Permanent Division

I started with Head Resourcing in April 2016 and spent 10 months as a Contracts Administrator. I moved into the permanent team as a Resource Consultant and I am now an Associate Consultant, and am really enjoying it. This has given me the chance to work in both back and front office and get a full appreciation for how Head Resourcing works.


Loves: Going to gigs/festivals, Limmy, anything with garlic

Hates: Buffering, sweet and sour sauce

Favourite Song: It changes on a daily basis, but probably After Hours by We Are Scientists

Favourite Word: Belter

Happiest Memory: A weekend I spent in the Lake District with a big group of my mates


Ruaridh Miller

Bethany Molyneaux

Associate Consultant - Manchester

Working as the business support coordinator, I love the variety of the job. I’m excited to be a part of the new Manchester office and watch the business and team develop.


Loves: Exploring new places, Family and Sushi

Hates: Rain and messiness

Favourite word: Phosphorescence

Favourite songs: Sweet Disposition by The Temper Trap and You Make My Dreams Come True by Hall and Oates

Happiest memory: Travelling the world for 7 months with my best friend.


Bethany Molyneaux

Emma Moncrieff

Finance Administrator

I joined Head finance team in June 2018 straight from leaving school. I got introduced to this company when I participated in Career Ready. As part of this I had to carry out an internship, which I enjoyed so much I decided to come back. My role is to help process invoices as well as various other admin tasks within the finance team.

Loves: Macaroni Cheese, Dogs

Hates: Spiders, Burgers

Favourite word: Bubble

Favourite Song: Thinking Out Loud, Ed Sheeran

Happiest Memory: Quad Biking during various holidays and Scuba diving in Egypt.


Emma Moncrieff

Jen Murdoch

Finance Assistant

I joined the Head finance team in July 2016. My role is to liaise with customers and contractors, process supplier invoices, help set up new contractors into our system and assist with Head Medical. I am very organised and enjoy the fast paced aspect of the role.



Loves – Travelling, dogs, quizzes, watching sport

Hates – Creepy crawlies, feet

Favourite Word – Kerfuffle

Favourite Song – Sky Full of Stars – Coldplay

Happiest Memory – Husky sledging in Finland


Jen Murdoch

Lee Murray

Deputy Managing Director / Commercial Director

Key responsibilities of my role include working with Board colleagues to set and manage our strategic and operational activities. I am also responsible for identifying new commercial opportunities and driving growth across the organisation.

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Loves: My family & friends, ambition & success, good food & wine, socialising and having fun!

Hates: Insincerity, laziness, poor service and being late.

Favourite word: Lecker

Favourite song: ‘She’ by Elvis Costello

Happiest memory: The birth of my beautiful little boy

Lee Murray

Jon Musgrave

Regional Director

I have spent my whole career working to a strong set of ethics and was extremely pleased to finally join a business that shares my values. My role with Head is to develop the existing and new staff and to facilitate growth by offering like-minded people the opportunity to work in a grown up environment. The support I have received from the business has been excellent and the team across the board are a fantastic bunch of people to work with.

Loves: Cars and Motorsport

Hates: Dishonesty, poor drivers and shopping

Favourite word: Quickly

Favourite song: Pride (U2)

Happiest memory: Seeing my 2 children being born

Jon Musgrave

Dan Newbold

Senior Recruitment Consultant - Manchester

As a Psychology & Neuroscience graduate (yes, I am ‘working you out’) I fell into technical recruitment in 2008. Since then I’ve worked across most verticals within technology recruitment. I’m a proper techie at heart so love keeping up with the latest advancements in IT. I’m now a Senior Consultant within the Leeds office and looking forward to growing the business in Leeds.

Loves: Proper pubs, cider, good food, people that speak their mind.

Hates: Politicians (in and out of the workplace), ignorance, self-serving attitudes.

Favourite word: I’ve been told I say ‘magic’ a lot more than I should.

Favourite song: I like guitar music but my favourite song changes all the time – at the moment it’s ‘New Town Velocity’ by Johnny Marr

Happiest memory: Sitting overlooking the marina in a small fishing village on Symi, a small island off the coast of Rhodes, listening to a bar’s excellent playlist and watching the world go by.

Dan Newbold

Gavin Poole

Contractor Support Administrator

Born and bred in New Zealand, I moved to Edinburgh in April 2017 after completing my studies to see what the world has to offer! My role at Head is to complete pre-employment screening of contractors before they go on site, it’s great to be in position to help our contractors from all different roles and backgrounds as they start a new adventure.

Loves: Cricket, travelling and spending time with family and friends, anything to do with NZ.

Hates: Eggs and cucumber, queues, my family being so far away

Favourite word: ‘Sweet As’ and ‘Yeah Nah’ two typical kiwi phrases.

Favourite Song: Anything really my music taste is pretty wild from Rock to Pop and everything in between

Happiest Memory: Being in the stands when NZ make their first ever Cricket World Cup final in 2015 was amazing.


Gavin Poole

Sarah Prasad

Senior HR Business Partner

Head’s focus on building long standing relationships is a refreshing approach. The folk here actually ‘walk the talk’ and that was the main reason I was keen to join the business. My role is to provide effective HR plans and support that help drive business growth and enable our teams to be the best they can be.

Head’s focus on building long standing relationships is a refreshing approach. The folk here actually ‘walk the talk’ and that was the main reason I was keen to join the business. My role is to provide effective HR plans and support that help drive business growth and enable our teams to be the best they can be.

Loves: My family and close friends, music, strawberries, wine and the sun! (Ideally all together!)

Hates: Racism, bullying, negativity and people standing stationary on the left hand side on an escalator!

Favourite word: Bubbly

Favourite song: ‘Supersition’ or ‘As’ – Stevie Wonder

Happiest memory:  Singing ‘Every Day Feels Like Summer With You’ with my two boys and husband whilst driving through Provence on our summer holiday!


Sarah Prasad

Lyle Ritchie

Managing Consultant

Yes it’s Lyle not Lionel!

Having worked in Recruitment since 2010 I join Head Resourcing in 2013 as a Recruitment Consultant.  Currently I am Deputy Manager of the Permanent team in Edinburgh/Glasgow and I love that every day provides new opportunities and challenges   Head Resourcing really is a unique place to work and that can be seen on how true we are to our values!

Loves: Sport ( Golf, Football), Indian Food, America.

Hates: Mushrooms, Negativity, Rude people!

Favourite Word: Outstanding!

Favourite Song: Chase & Status, Blind Faith

Happiest Memory: Arriving in New York last year and stepping out into hustle and bustle of New York City


Lyle Ritchie

Arlene Robertson

Consultant - Contracts Division

I look after contract recruitment for some of our large customers alongside my colleague Lisa, and generally we are responsible for ensuring our client and contractors are happy.  We manage large volumes of vacancies on a daily basis with some of our larger corporate accounts, making sure quality CVs are sent for each vacancy to very tight deadlines.

Loves: Christmas

Hates: Chicken

Favourite word: Muckle

Favourite song: Jingle bells

Happiest memory: Christmas!!!

Arlene Robertson

Jon Shenton

Contractor Support Administrator

Originally from Stoke-on-Trent, I’m now here in Edinburgh enjoying everything this marvellous city has to offer. As part of the wonderful Support Team here at Head Resourcing, my role includes conducting pre-employment screening of our contractors, drawing up contracts, and providing pre and post-placement support. I also provide support to the wider business, clients, candidates and all of my great colleagues here. If you’re a new or existing contractor and need vetting, there’s a high chance you’ll hear from me.


Loves: Spending time with loved ones, travelling, going to the cinema, getting addicted to a TV show and getting stuck into a good book

Hates: Slow walkers, in-sincerity, travel delays, narrow-minded people, winter and not getting my own way

Favourite Song: Mystery of Love by Sufjan Stevens

Word: Simper

Memory: Lots come to mind but meeting my 1 week-year-old nephew for the first time after getting off an overnight flight from Mexico is certainly a special one

Jon Shenton

Edward Simpson

Recruitment Consultant - Manchester

I am an experienced IT recruitment consultant, with my recent history being in permanent recruitment. I very much enjoy the client management side of the role but also enjoy the feeling of changing somebody’s life (hopefully for the better!) with a new role. I have worked across all verticals, including infrastructure, software and business change. I also have a bachelor’s degree in Business IT and have a good technical background.

Loves: Football (playing and watching – Bradford City), Cricket, Tea and Sunday Dinners

Hates: Early Mornings, Coffee, and Rugby (union)

Favourite word: Delicious

Favourite song: Toto – Africa

Happiest memory: Skiing on Big Bear Mountain (2 hours from Los Angeles) in a T-Shirt on a School Trip


Edward Simpson

Andrew Stroud

Senior Consultant - Manchester

Having been in the IT recruitment industry for 7 years, I joined Head to partake in the new Manchester venture. I have a true passion for IT and am a geek at heart so I find my day to day job genuinely interesting.


Loves: My son, Music, Manchester and Cooking

Hates: Crustaceans and geese

Favourite word: Flabbergasted

Favourite song: Impossible to choose

Happiest memory: My son being born


Andrew Stroud

Kerry Torley

Contractor Support Consultant

I joined Head Resourcing in 2013 as the Office Administrator and received an SVQ in Business Admin during this time. I moved over to the compliance team early 2016 and was recently promoted to Contracts and Compliance Consultant. My role involves conducting pre-employment screening of contractors before they go on site.


Loves: Friends, Family and most importantly my iPhone

Hates: Clowns!!

Favourite word: WAG

Favourite song: Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls

Happiest memory: Watching my son grow up and anything that involves my family and friends


Kerry Torley

Gillian Williamson

Marketing Manager

I look after all things to do with marketing, working closely with all departments within the company to deliver across all marketing activities including managing the website, SEO, blog, social media channels, events, and everything in between. As well as being part of the charities team which is part of my role I love!

Loves: My family, Italian food, prosecco!

Hates: Mushrooms

Favourite Word: Deliciousness

Happiest Memory: Many from our Italian adventures.


Gillian Williamson

Jill Wilson

Financial Controller

I work in Accounts. My main role is to pay people. This sounds quite straightforward but it can be surprisingly difficult.


Loves: Cakes, Faraway Holidays and sleeping babies

Hates: Trams, Midges and awake babies !!

Favourite word: Blether

Favourite song: Bat out of Hell – Meatloaf

Happiest memory: The moment that I realised that my parachute had opened on my first Parachute jump.


Jill Wilson

Charlie Wood

Team Manager - Contracts Division

I manage the Contracts Division at Head Resourcing who provide IT and business change recruitment services to clients and contractors, focusing on quality and the highest levels of service – it’s great to have a job you love!

Loves: Spending time with my family, Books, Movies & geeking out.

Hates: Wasps, Marmite and massive wastes of public money (e.g. Brexit)

Favourite word: Absolutely

Favourite song: No Children – The Mountain Goats

Happiest memory: The birth of my sons.

Charlie Wood

Our 5 golden rules


“We are open and honest.”


“We treat people with respect.”


“We do things differently.”


“We care.”


“We provide a great place to work.”
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