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Jilly Anderson

Deputy Manager - Contracts Division

I joined Head Resourcing as a resourcer before joining the Contracts Team in 2009 and becoming Senior Consultant.  I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some of our biggest clients and have enjoyed building relationships, meeting people & being able to help. I love how much our team care about each other and about what we do – joining Head has been the best decision I’ve ever made.


Loves: holidays, crème brulee, family, friends, spending money, the E! channel, men with good manners.

Hates: getting up in the morning, cheap shoes, marzipan, bad grammar.

Favourite word: plum

Favourite song: The Calling – Wherever You Will Go/ Amy Winehouse – will you still love me tomorrow

Happiest memory: sitting on the beach in Monterey– beautiful, warm, peaceful, very happy.

Jilly Anderson

Eyrun Bernhardsdottir

Consultant – Contracts Division

Before I joined Head Resourcing, I worked in recruitment and business development within the public sector in London. I’ve now relocated to Edinburgh and am thrilled to be able to continue providing excellent customer service and care while working in the fast-paced environment of the Contracts team!


Loves: Films, pizza, football and lager.

Hates: Mushrooms, anything pickled and having to wait for people.

Favourite word: Sausage

Favourite song: Such great heights – Postal Service

Happiest memory: Holiday in New York in 2013 to see Wrestlemania and enjoy the great city.


Eyrun Bernhardsdottir

Graeme Cox

Senior Consultant - Contracts Division

Joined Head Resourcing in 2006 and have progressed up through from Resourcer, Consultant to now Senior Consultant. Enjoy helping Clients/Candidates as that’s why we’re here right?


Loves: A little bit of banter, Dumb N Dumber, Vegas!

Hates: Cucumber and Seafood

Favourite word: It has to be “Boom”

Favourite song: Tough one – probably Elbow – One Day Like This

Happiest memory: The night I can’t remember :-)


Graeme Cox

Douglas Darby

Recruitment Consultant – Contracts Division

Recently joined the ever busy contracts team at Head after working for a different recruitment company for a year in a new business role. I am a people person and enjoy the interactive side of recruitment. This coupled with the way in which Head work and their values was the reason I felt this was the company I wish to continue my career with.

Loves: Football (watching and playing), Dogs, Food, Food and more Food, My Bed, Nights Out,

Hates: Mornings, Miserable People, Olives, Coffee

Favourite word: Pamphlet

Favourite song: Don’t have a favourite but very partial to a bit of Jay Z.

Happiest memory: My 4 summers working abroad split across Spain and the USA. One big blurred happy memory!


Douglas Darby

Lisa Dempsey

Senior Consultant - Contracts Division

Along with my colleague Arlene, I manage some of our key corporate client relationships.  I’m responsible for sourcing potential candidates, account management, attending annual client reviews and everything in between! I have been with the team since 2009 and have gained extensive valuable experience and knowledge in recruiting for Business Change and IT contract roles.

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Loves: Family, Friends and my dogs, music and travelling.

Hates: Dishonesty, shellfish and being cold

Favourite word: Bulb

Favourite song: Everything, Michael Buble or anything Michael Jackson

Happiest memory: Lying on a deserted beautiful beach in Koh Samui with my fiancé, with nothing to hear but the sound of waves crashing on the sand


Lisa Dempsey

Leigh Dickson

Consultant - Contracts Division

I work in the contracts team here at Head, sitting in a team of 12 my role is to speak with both candidate and client contacts across all the clients that we currently service.  Mainly I work with some of our key corporate customers supplying all levels of skills and experience.

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Loves: Family, Noel Gallagher, and would love love love to sleep past 6am.

Hates: hangovers

Favourite word: ‘bobble’ and ‘basically’

Favourite song: You’re a Superstar – Love Inc

Happiest memory: Birth of my Son Dale.

Leigh Dickson

Sam Fergusson

Senior Consultant - Contracts Division

As a Senior Consultant, my role consists of co-managing a number of Head Resourcing’s key accounts for IT, Digital & Business Change contract recruitment. I engage with our clients’ hiring managers to understand their organisations, working in partnership with them to secure good quality talent! Get requirement, find good candidates, fill requirement… all whilst providing a service that candidates and hiring managers will want for years to come.

Loves: Cricket, Rugby, seeing the world, and all things New Zealand

Hates: Aubergine, bad drivers and shopping

Favourite word: Spoon

Favourite song: Orion, Metallica – or anything by the Foo Fighters.

Happiest memory: Sitting in the sun, beer in hand with great mates on top of a boat sailing the Adriatic.

Sam Fergusson

Asia Hunt

Consultant – Contracts Division

While working in previous roles I have developed a great passion and understanding of excellent customer service and how vital it is to the success of a business. I am delighted to be part of Head Resourcing where everyone truly cares about clients, candidates and each other.

Loves: Good laugh with my family and friends, sunshine, popcorn and Negroni cocktail :)

Hates: dishonest/two faced people, aniseed, mosquitoes, fear hangovers and people close to my heart feeling sad when I can’t help

Favourite word: Wee

Favourite Song: George Benson – give me the night, Groove Armada – My Friend

Happiest memory: Two instantly come to my head: Camping wild on the beach in Arisaig with my husband Chris and doggy Bruno. Sunny holidays with my girlfriends floating on airbeds on the waves.


Asia Hunt

Kieran Mackie

Resource Consultant - Contracts Division

Coming from a technical IT  background followed by a fast paced recruitment, I have worked in both London and Edinburgh across internal and various agency roles. For me, it has been utterly refreshing to be part of the contracts team at Head Resourcing. I can focus on what I’m really passionate about; candidate care, client service and IT. I am very excited to help our candidates in finding their next big challenge!

Loves: Spending time with family, watching football (I can’t play), snooker and everything fishing

Hates: Negativity

Favourite word: Pump

Favourite song: Save the last dance – The Drifters

Happiest memory: Fishing holidays in Canada with the family


Kieran Mackie

Alicia MacMahon

Contractor Care Consultant

My role is to provide excellent care to our contract population by building and nurturing relationships with our existing contractors across the country. To help to continue to drive the company values through all our interactions & ensuring Head Resourcing remain a respected recruitment company who contractors want to keep working with & recommending to their colleagues.  As well complimenting as the excellent service already provided by my colleagues in the Contracts Team.


Loves: The usual family, friends & food. Partial to a bit of karaoke & watching some rugby.  Slightly obsessed with skincare & baking

Hates: Bad Manners, Rudeness, Dreich Weather.

Favourite Word: Amazing

Favourite Song: Yellow by Coldplay & A Little Piece of my Heart by Erma Franklin

Happiest Memory: I’ve a few. Singing along with a group of strangers at Strawberry Fields in New York on a trip I took myself on for my birthday. Christmas time with my family.


Alicia MacMahon

Elizabeth Michelakakis

Resource Consultant

I am extremely excited to be part of the contracts team at Head Resourcing where I will be specialising in IT and Business Change recruitment. In my role as a resource consultant, I will be building a network of candidates to help find their next challenge. I am really looking forward to developing strong, long-lasting relationships and putting my passion for people and recruitment to good use.

Loves: Animals, chocolate, travelling and live music

Hates: When people chew really loudly

Favourite word: “Wee”

Favourite Song: Gallway Girl – Stevie Earle

Happiest Memory: Getting our puppy, Cassie and driving around Europe


Elizabeth Michelakakis

Arlene Robertson

Consultant - Contracts Division

I look after contract recruitment for some of our large customers alongside my colleague Lisa, and generally we are responsible for ensuring our client and contractors are happy.  We manage large volumes of vacancies on a daily basis with some of our larger corporate accounts, making sure quality CVs are sent for each vacancy to very tight deadlines.

Loves: Christmas

Hates: Chicken

Favourite word: Muckle

Favourite song: Jingle bells

Happiest memory: Christmas!!!

Arlene Robertson

Wayne Van Tonder

Resource Consultant - Contract Division

I am a Resource Consultant within the Contracts Division.

Loves – Music. MotoGP. Books. Animals (Cats and Dogs). Travel.

Hates – Bad manners/Rudeness. (“Rudeness is the weak man’s imitation of strength.” – Eric Hoffer).

Favourite word – ‘Great’ (Now that I think about it, I use it rather often especially when I write/text).

Favourite Song – That is a tough one. If I had to choose it would be ‘First It Giveth’ by Queens of the Stone Age.

Happiest memory – Proposing to my beautiful Fiancee in Klienbaai, Western Cape on the rocks at the sea front.


Wayne Van Tonder

Charlie Wood

Team Manager - Contracts Division

I manage the Contracts Division at Head Resourcing who provide IT and business change recruitment services to clients and contractors, focusing on quality and the highest levels of service – it’s great to have a job you love!

Loves: Spending time with my family, Books, Movies & geeking out.

Hates: Wasps, Marmite and massive wastes of public money (e.g. Brexit)

Favourite word: Absolutely

Favourite song: No Children – The Mountain Goats

Happiest memory: The birth of my sons.

Charlie Wood

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“We care.”


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